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Recycling Of Paint Sludge


Paint is any liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition which, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, is converted to a solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects.
Though Painting is unavoidable in our day to day life, paint is considered as harmful to the environment.
The generation of Paint waste – what is called Paint Sludge – is a product of extra spray / non-systematic spray activity / spillage etc. Many times such spillage is washed with water or solvent giving rise to mixture of Paint Sludge.

Present Practice of Disposal of Paint Sludge : Through the Government Approved Hazardous Waste Disposing Sites.Industrial Incineration
Effect of Present Practise : Deplition of Natural Resources, Contamination of Land through Land fills. Emission of Smoke, Gases etc.

Effect of Paint Sludge at your site :
1) Resources utilization for handling waste
2) Storage space for waste
3) Increase in Pollution
4) Risk factors associates with storage

Statutory and Regulatory Limitations :
According to Hazardous Waste Rules – 1989 amended May-2003, Section : 21.1 Paint Sludge is a Hazardous Industrial Waste.
In SLP (c) No. 16175/1997 and 7660/1997, Supreme Court of India has prohibited removal of Hazardous Industrial Waste by Regular method. According to the court order, it has to be transported by Govt. Approved Transporter with due permission from Concerned State Pollution Control Board.


Paint Sludge can be recycled and re-used as an ingredient in a Paint Manufacturing Process for recovery of reusable product economically.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling :
Preservation of Natural Resources
Improving Organization image and social liabilities
Reduction in Pollution and other hazards, resources due to no transport, NO Incineration.

Economical Benefits of Recycling :
Reduction in output product cost by at least 15 % over virgin product
Nil cost on fuel, Incineration etc.
Compliance of Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

Process Flow Chart


  • Maha Polution Central Board
  • NSIC
  • QSI

  • Maha Polution Central Board
  • NSIC
  • QSI